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Peter Getty is a philanthropist and contributing blogger for the Huffington Post. His work and writings revolve around environmental issues. Getty's philanthropic initiatives, as well as the organizations he supports, are committed to protecting the environment and spreading environmental awareness.

Defenders of Wildlife Attempt To Save Biodiversity

Biodiversity measures the variety of animals, plants and other organisms in different ecosystems. Also known as genetic variation, ecosystem variation or species variation within an area, biome or planet; biodiversity is of utmost importance to nonprofit org Defenders of Wildlife. Founded in 1947, Defenders’ believe that the protection of diversity in wildlife habitats is tantamount to the protection of all species.

The nonprofit’s national conservation efforts dedicates itself to safeguarding renewable energy initiatives, water resources and creating partnerships with local organizations. In California, Defenders of Wildlife uses those associations to give wildlife the best chance of securing a network of public and private lands, waterways and other natural territories.

The organizations lists the blueprint of their three-pronged strategy as such:

  1. On the ground at the state and local level, Defenders is involved in developing programs that protect and restore key species and habitats.

  2. Defenders works with state, national, and international policy makers to secure laws and policies that protect animals and their habitats.

  3. Defenders is active in the courts establishing legal safeguards for native wildlife and fighting efforts to roll back environmental protections.

Defenders of Wildlife attempt to preserve CA sea otter

California Sea Otters

Currently, Defenders keep a watchful eye on Bighorn sheep, burrowing owl, California condor, California red-legged frog, California sea otter, California tiger salamander, Channel Island Fox, Delta Smelt, desert tortoise and San Joaquin kit fox to name just a few. The Pacific state has millions of wild species in need of protection so the nonprofit needs as much help as it can get. Luckily, Defenders of Wildlife’s sister organization, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, handles the lobbying and legislative measures — garnering support on the political front.

Well-known for their endeavors, Defenders of Wildlife has won humanitarian awards such as one for the Best Wildlife Charities in 2006 by Reader’s Digest.

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